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Michael Gambon lined-up for new BBC1 war drama

Ananova * 06/2002


Michael Gambon, Miranda Richardson and Gina McKee are to head the cast of BBC1's The Lost Prince.

The two-part drama by Stephen Poliakoff charts the life of Edwardian royal Prince John through the build-up to the First World War.

Matthew Thomas, who had a small role in Billy Elliot, will take the role of the Prince.

Daniel Williams will play the same part at an earlier age, and Rollo Weeks and Brock Everitt-Elwick play his brother Prince George.

Producer John Chapman said: "Stephen Poliakoff has written for the first time about events inspired by a true story and like everything with him his research was meticulous and included time spent at the Royal Archives at Windsor.

"From this he has created an extraordinarily poetic screenplay in his unique style which offers a fascinating insight about this traumatic period in history, much of which is virtually unknown."

It is scheduled for broadcast early next year

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