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The Lost Prince

by Stephen Poliakoff


The first part was aired on Sunday 19th January at 20:30 on BBC1, and concludes Sunday 26th.

News: the first episode of 'The Lost Prince' had nearly 8 million viewers exceeding the BBC's expectations and may be released in the USA as a film...

In addition BBC4 has planned a Stephen Poliakoff season showing 'Bloody Kids', 'Caught on a Train', 'Stronger Than The Sun', 'She's Been Away', 'Shooting the Past', 'Soft Targets' and the documentary 'Shooting the Present'.  On BBC1 a documentary 'The King, The Kaiser and The Tsar' will be shown on Tuesday 21st January.

For interviews, clips and background information visit the BBC's website.

The Video, DVD (with behind the scenes and interviews), the screenplay and the soundtrack will all be released on the 20th January 2003.

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