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North Downs


St. Thomas' Church - Resting place of Randolph Henry Ash where Cropper and Hildebrand Ash attempt to remove the chest of letters buried with him.

"'He says - he has written to me in letters - that the church is God's house, not Randolph Henry Ash's mausoleum. I see no contradiction.'"

George Eliot had G.H Lewes' love letters buried with her. While Dante Gabriel Rossetti buried his manuscript of 'House of Life' with Elizabeth Siddal only to dig them up to publish.


Rowan Tree Inn - Hotel where the scholars stay and reveal the secrets of the buried letters.

"So, in that hotel room, to that strange gathering of disparate seekers and hunters, Christabel LaMotte's letter to Randolph Ash was read aloud, by candlelight, with the wind howling past..."


There have been no reports of filming in the area, but if you know of any please contact me.

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