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Possession Shoots in London

Gwyneth Paltrow’s bi-temporal drama Possession spent a week shooting in London recently and, never ones to let a film shoot go un-spied upon, Empire Online was there to get the inside track.

Filming took place at the British Museum, where Neil LaBute and crew set up outside the Montague Place entrance to shoot a scene with Aaron Eckhart outside the building. Eckhart, walking into the museum, bumps into an acquaintance and a conversation ensues. Filming then moved inside where scenes were shot behind closed doors in a museum office.

Enquiries yielded news of Gwyneth’s presence on set but no matter how hard our agents searched, their efforts yielded no sign of her. Suspecting deception after the star was neither seen entering nor leaving the building all day, further investigation revealed that Miss Paltrow was actually three and a half thousand miles away in New York.


From Empire Online 23/10/2000

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