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Modern Yorkshire Coast


Whitby - Maud and Roland visit Whitby on the trail of the poets. It is here that they discover the piece of Jet Ash had bought Christabel.

"It was the North, Roland thought, black as coal, solid, not always graceful craftsmanship, bright under dust."


Thomason Foss - The waterfall where Christabel composed her poem 'Melusina' as visited by Maud and Roland.

"Wherever the refracted light off the water struck the uneven stone, wherever a fissure ran, upright or traverse, this same brightness poured and quivered along it..."


Boggle Hole - A cove tucked beneath a cliff where the scholars picnic away from their work.

"She began slowly to undo, with unweaving fingers, the long, thick braids. Roland watched intently...[he] felt as is something had been loosed in himself, that had been gripping him."


Whitby - Filming took place on the East Cliff around the Jet shops at the foot of the 199 Steps. Scenes were also filmed of the West Pier.


Thomason Foss - As featured in the novel, the same waterfall was used for filming.

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