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Modern London


London Library - Home of the deposited library of Randolph Henry Ash, where Roland Michell makes the discovery of an unfinished letter.

"The London Library was Roland's favourite place. It was shabby but civilised, alive with history but inhabited also by living poets and thinkers who could be found squatting on the slotted metal floors of the stacks, or arguing pleasantly at the turn of the stair."


British Museum - Location of the 'Ash Factory' deep in the bowels of the Museum. Where Roland works along with Fergus Wolff, Beatrice Nest and James Blackadder.

"The whole lower regions of the British Museum reeks of tom-cat. The creatures work their way in through gratings and airbricks, prowl and are harried and occasionally stealthily fed."


Putney - Home of Roland and Val.

"Their flat had been described as a garden flat when they came to see it, which was the only occasion on which they were asked to come into the garden, into which they were later told they had no right of entry."


British Museum - Exterior shots were filmed at the British Museum. Link to article.


Sloane Square, Chelsea - Link to article.

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