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Christabel LaMotte

"Oh, my dear, here I sit, an old witch in a turret, writing my verses..."

Christabel LaMotte, poetess of fairy and mythological poems, lived in Richmond with artist Blanche Glover. Her meeting with Randolph Henry Ash spiraled into a love affair that saw them travelling north together, only for Christabel subsequently to flee England to her family in France. Ending her life in the tower of her Lincolnshire family seat, Christabel leaves a clue to her secrets in the correspondence between herself and Ash.

Jennifer Ehle

Jennifer Ehle’s recent film appearances include a leading role in 'This Year’s Love' and her BAFTA nominated performance in 'Wilde', as Constance Wilde. Her other film work includes 'Paradise Road' and 'Sunshine'. But, she is best known for her television work with her performance as Elizabeth Bennet, in 'Pride and Prejudice', for which she won a BAFTA. Jennifer Ehle also recently won a Tony for her performance in 'The Real Thing' on Broadway.

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