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"I'm meant to getting better here! But I'm being hammered... hammered by really dark thoughts."

Raymond became the stubborn black-sheep after his Father rebelled and moved away from the family. After financial difficulties during the recession Raymond is slowly regaining his life, only to be stunted by a stroke during the banquet. During his convalescence he is befriended by Peter when they share an interest in British War films. His attitude towards his oppressive Father changes after he discovers the truth from Stephen.

Michael Gambon

Sir Michael Gambon trained at the National Theatre under the guidance of Laurence Olivier and became one of Britain's most important theatre actors. He regularly works for the Royal National Theatre and the RSC. During his television and film career of nearly 70 projects he has won a number of awards including 4 BAFTAs for his performances in 'The Singing Detective', Wives & Daughters', 'Longitude' and 'Perfect Strangers'.  Michael Gambon will also star in Stephen Poliakoff's new project 'The Lost Prince'.

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