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Stephen's Family Tree

"Using a family tree as a weapon."

Stephen begins his story by showing Daniel a German book of animals, hidden inside is sheet of paper with a family tree drawn by a child. He goes on to explain that the piece of paper is entirely lies.


A Jewish family, who didn't look too Jewish in occupied Germany could create a family tree to protect themselves. The children of the family then needed to revise this but not too well so it seemed staged. In one family was a young girl and boy. The boy would spend his spare time in the school library looking at the books of animals. Also there was the local Priest who was making a register of lineage - they kept each other company.

But, one day the boy had to tell someone his secret because it was too big a secret. He told the Priest that he was part of a Jewish family. Whether it was a coincidence or not the family were questionned by the Police, and the boy on his way home saw them and told his little sister to run away.

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